Newborn, Maternity & Family Photography

The joy of life is evident in all of Rita Coury’s photography. And, if you know Rita, it is no surprise. This talented photographer is loving and kind, and finds beauty in every living creature, traits that are verified by the old saying, “children and animals love her.” and her nickname, the “Baby Whisper”.

Nothing happens by chance...

And meeting Rita, was no exception!

I've had the profound honor meeting Rita and her gorgeous son, and to call her a friend!

Rita's work speaks for itself, can be found sprinkled across the island, in medical clinics including the acclaimed Kaiser Permanente, and right here at Hi Baby!

Rita Coury Photography is whom Hi Baby & Oahu Birth Services Proudly displays as inspiration, and official refers for photography to our clients!

Rita Coury



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Birth Photography & Films

Having a birth photographer is a hands-down absolute MUST and our best decision ever! From the beginning of our first conversation she was so sweet and professional and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I was 100% confident that she would be an amazing addition to our birth team!

Why should your birth be documented?

For the memories and to pass along the story of your baby.  Many mothers find that after giving birth, they only have a few concrete memories of the experience. Having their birth story documented allows parents to see and remember all the special moments of their journey. The tenderness of your partner, the intensity in your face, the beauty in the struggle to hold on when everything inside of you wants to give up. And, of course, those first miraculous moments when you finally meet your baby. 

Capture the sweet moments of your wee ones birth and the beautiful moments before and after their arrival. Whether its a hospital birth, a home birth, a day after birth film, an adoption homecoming or anything in between, we LOVE capturing birth stories.

Hawaii Birth Collective

Birth Photography & Films


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