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Castle Medical Center's Vera Zilber's Birth Center


  • First & Foremost the Nurses and staff are phenomenal!
  • Only the 2nd Baby Friendly Hospital on the island!
  • Birth Center is on the 1st floor, and has it's own street entrance. 
  • Features either Mountain or Garden Views, both are beautiful, tubs on each side differ slightly.
  • Fabulous jetted Tubs, with removable handheld shower head, great for laboring in the water!
  • Usually you will labor, give birth, and recover all in one room. Rarely the floor will be busier than normal and you will be moved upstairs into a recovery room of your own, equipped with two beds. (Pretty sweet deal if you ask me ;)
  • Baby is bathed in your room, after 8 hours, Castle's protocol!
  • Castle's Bistro serves no meat (yes eggs & dairy), although mom will be served eggs and possibly turkey bacon, etc. Very good eats!
  • FREE Valet Parking, plenty parking stalls reserved for the Birth Center near the Entrance
  • Unable to provide TOLAC/VBACS at this time.


  • Kaiser Permanete Family Birth Center

    • Available only to Kaiser Permanete Insurance holders
    • 1st Hospital to gain the title of Baby Friendly!
    • Valet Parking
    • Brand new laboring tubs!
    • Excellent Midwives on staff!
    • Cafeteria is... ahem... bring snacks & food!
I definitely I have my “favorites”, but Oahu is blessed with 5 terrific hospitals with Maternity services!

Oahu has five fantastic hospitals with maternity services!



  • Kapiolani Medical Center Family Birth Center

    • High Level NICU
    • Valet Parking & Newly built parking structure to ensure lots of parking, albeit quite a trek to the Labor & Delivery Floor.
    • Possible long wait time in Triage, family must wait downstairs.
    • Monica Wireless Monitors upon request.
    • Excellent showers to labor in.
    • Cafeteria closes at 2am and has vending machines on various floors and wings. 
    • When epidurals are administered everyone, including spouses and partners are asked to step out.
    • Nursery staff will arrive promptly at 1 hour after of life to weigh and administer injections, possibly interrupting breastfeeding.
    • Baby is bathed in the nursery.


  • Tripler Army Medical Center

    • Wonderful Midwifery Program!
    • Valet Parking
    • Jetted Tubs
    • Video Tour!
    • Baby is bathed in your room/bathroom.
    • Cafeteria and the mall are on the Ocean side of the hospital. There is a small Snack Shop near the main entrance on the mountainside entrance with limited hours. Tripler's vending machines take cash &  credit/debit cards
    • Occasionally because of high capacity you'll be in a shared room with another mother and baby, your spouse, partner or support person will not permitted to stay over night.
    • No Wifi, Cell Service is little to nil.


  • Queen's Medical Center Maternity

    • Valet Parking or self parking.
    • Small showers, room to sit on a birth ball
    • Baby is bathed in the nursery.
    • Cafeteria usually has some ono grinds!


All hospitals have a gift shop with some drinks, snacks and personal items.


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