Birth Professionals!

Birth Professionals

Interested in becoming a doula?

     First and foremost you'll want to get involved in the birth community, here are a few key groups to get you started...

Next, you'll need to invest in your training organization...

     You can choose to do an in person training, or the distance program, if possible, I highly recommend the in person training. First, you'll knock out the entire training in 2-3 days, secondly it's a ton of fun, and you'll leave with not only a ton of resources, but a group of doula sisters you can hopefully continue a friendship, or even build a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Already a Doula?

     DONA and CAPPA doula trainings will be posted here and on most of the Facebook groups listed above, you're also welcome to email me for more information!     -Aloha,  -Lea