Alyssa Milano on Breastfeeding (NOT losing pregnancy Weight)

Alyssa Milano on breastfeeding! *Original Caption edited, I don't beleive Alyssa was "defending" her Instagram Breastfeeding photos... there's nothing to defend!

     Alyssa Milano recently did an interview on a well known *talk show... she was immediately asked how she dropped "the baby weight", because that's most important you know... Their discussion then moved to the "inappropriate" discussion of... ::whisper:: breastfeeding!

     Alyssa responded flawlessly! I wish I knew if Alyssa had previously known what the host* was going to ask, because she didn't skip a beat! She responded eloquently, and even respectfully challenged the host's dismissive opinion's; not only breastfeeding, but breasts in general!

     The show must have had this somewhat planned because they flashed a photo of Miley Cyrus wearing (just) one of her dreadful wardrobe choices, in contrast to a breastfeeding photo Alyssa had posted to her social media account that had raised controversy.

     Unfazed, the host shook her head and made facial expressions as she explained that breastfeeding made her "uncomfortable" and that breasts are "just fun bags"! Breasts are only sexual, mother's should feed their babies in cars... I do NOT want to see "that!"

     Sadly, this is what today's mothers are up against.

A blog for another day: On the flip side are the mother's harshly judged for choosing, or needing formula. Breast is best... but babies need to eat... and if it's not your baby, it's not your decision!

     The segment ended with Alyssa saying the host should be glad her baby wasn't with her, because she'd "whip them out, and feed her baby right there! Applause breaks out!

     I immediately shared this on Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc. I even Tweeted (is that the correct term?!) to Alyssa to say Thank you!

     I also posted a comment on the tv show's website... I was not rude, angry, or even the least bit negative... the host did us all a great favor, the video is getting so much attention and that will hopefully impact new mothers far & wide!

     So, to nursing mothers, pumping mothers, bottle feeding mothers, formula mothers, ALL mothers... and this includes any woman that has ever loved another human as she does her self; Love yourself...

Love your body, Love your baby, Love your loved ones... & if you have it to give...

Encourage someone you come across today!

     Have a Wonderful Thursday! ❤Lea


*The Wendy William's Talk Show, Alyssa Milano on Weight Loss & Breastfeeding, Wednesday January 6th, 2016