Family Testimonals

  • “There was a chance that my husband would not be there for the birth due to deployment and so Lea said she’d be there. Turns out he was able to be there as well, but I had already built a rapport with Lea and felt her presence would be necessary, and I was right. I felt safe, I felt like I was in good hands, she helped me through the pain so that I would not have to use any drugs. She followed my birth plan and even went further and logged all that was happening for me to read later and that was a priceless gift. Lea, thank you so much, that was a valuable experience and I will always treasure it and you! XOXO” Latina V.  ♥ Fall of 2007


  • “I was pregnant with my fourth child and never had a doula before. I was having a VBA2C and Lea was there managing everything in just the way I liked it. From her pre-consult, laboring, delivery, and post-partum assistance, it was a joyous occasion for me. My husband was especially grateful to have Lea there. It was the most enjoyable birth for him since he had no pressure. He was able to completely be with me and not worry about anything else.” Monica & baby Hannah ♥ Summer of 2014


  • “Dads or soon-to-be Fathers, for the birth of our 4th child Lea was like an angel. She was an absolute godsend. I had never had a Doula before, let alone did I understand or even comprehend just how much assistance a Doula can offer to relieve stress, make everything go more smoothly, and make sure the hospital staff is doing their job correctly, and all in a timely matter! Unbelievably helpful! Your baby will be happier and healthier, your spouse will be happier, and yes, you will be happier too through the whole experience. If you’ve never heard of a Doula, now is the time to beg Lea to be your Doula! You will be so grateful you did! Trevor ♥ Summer 2014


  • “Lea is the prime example of what a doula should be. I didn’t know her, never met her. I had asked around for months up until the day I gave birth. I contacted Lea and not only did she come to my house at night but she went to Walmart and purchased a pool! After being at my home for 2 hours we headed to the hospital and I nearly had my son in the hospital parking lot. Having her with me filled my home with warmth and positive vibes. I suggest Lea to everyone near me; it was such a blessing for her to give me the gift of having a doula!” Anonymous VBAC mother ♥ Summer 2014


  • “Lea helped welcome our baby girl Aspen into the world. We searched high and low for a doula that matched our needs and personality. From talking to her on the phone to meeting her in person, it was an instant match. She is very professional, organized, and loves her job. She was very supportive during my delivery, cueing in on when we needed extra help. It felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend. Lea helped in so many ways, but mostly by keeping me hydrated, focusing my breathing, taking photos, and being there when we needed her. She has a kind soul and a bright spirit. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing home birth. It really takes a team. And with Lea by your side you are sure to win the game of labor.” Donellan Family ♥ Summer 2015


If you would like to speak further to one of the families I’ve worked with please let me know!  

♥ Lea