Baby Teething Necklaces & More!

 Baltic Essentials   

Baltic Essentials


  • Baby & Adult Amber Necklaces and Bracelets
  • Baby & Adult Hazel wood Necklace and Bracelets
  • Necklace Diffusers & more!

     Babies: Red cheeks, Teething, Drooling, Fever, Swelling, Fussiness, Common Cold, and more.

“My youngest, turns three this April, has been wearing her honey Amber necklace since she was 3 months old! I’ve decided I need a bracelet of my own!
— Lea

     Teens & Adults: Fever, Headache, Migraines, Sciatica, Hypothyroid, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, & more.

     Each Baltic amber bead contains succinate acid which has been used for centuries for inflammation. The amber gently warms with the body temperature when worn as a necklace or bracelet on baby, child, or adult. The oils are released and absorbed into the body for a healing effect.