The -hi baby- Story

hi baby has been a dream, really more of a fantasy, as I thought it would never truly happen! 

As I approach nearly a decade of attending births as a doula, while adding to and bringing up my own family, I am so very excited to begin this next chapter. My earliest childhood memories I was infatuated with babies, toddlers, and I knew in my heart and soul I was destined to be a mother. I gave birth to my first child, a daughter, in 2004; setting in motion that which I would dedicate my life's passion to... Women, their families, and the babies they bring into this world.

In many ways, I have the honor of mothering many mothers in the most important moments of their lives, and this is my life's work.

My hope for hi baby, is for it to be a welcoming space for all, an extension of my heart and my desire to continue to serve the families of Hawaii!


The Logo...

In 2003, I moved here to Oahu with two suitcases and a broken heart... I soon fell in love with the island, and against my wishes of my mother, with a military boy from Ohio... We soon married, and now have four gorgeous children, all born here on Oahu.

I'm often asked, "Did you grow up here?". Most often than not, I feel the need to say yes! 

I was young and dumb when I moved here... While, I'm the same person, I most definitely "grew up here", and Hawaii... she is home to me... and all my babies know! 

Brick & Mortar

As a doula, I make house calls! Having a physical address, a meeting place, a home base and a classroom has been a dream of mine for the longest time! While hi baby is a retail store, it's very much a multi-purpose space, and the possibilities are endless!


Just the beginning...

Doulas Do it All

If you look closely enough, you may spot a few specks of paint in my hair... a few callouses from the paintbrush, and let me brag a little... I put in that floor myself...

Now it's time to decorate, and fill the shelves! 

Always growing...

We're off to a great start!